Running Track Resurfacing Near Me

running track resurfacing near me

There comes a time when all running tracks need some TLC. Whether your facility has a traditional cinder or a state-of-the-art EpiQ track our experienced construction team is ready to restore and resurface it. A few small repairs can keep a major problem from developing and save your sports field money in the long run.Go here:

The key to a successful running track construction project is proper planning. That’s why it is important to involve a construction specialist from the beginning. This will ensure that your track is sized properly and built to the industry standards as outlined by the NFHSA and ASBA. The first step in the process is a survey of your current track to determine its condition. This will cover everything from the surface to the sub-base into the drainage. It will also help to determine what kind of resurfacing will work best for your facility.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Track Resurfacing Contractor

Performing routine maintenance on your track will keep it in good shape and prolong the life of the surfacing materials. Our trained in-house maintenance crew is familiar with a variety of resurfacing methods, from rubber granules and polyurethane adhesives that can be applied to worn areas, to full surface re-tops using a specialized machine.

It is also crucial to check your track drain system regularly. If left unchecked organic debris will build up and prevent water from draining off your track surface. Standing water on a track will cause slippery conditions for athletes, presenting an unnecessary risk of injury. During your maintenance inspection, our crew will remove and wash out any blockages in the drain system to ensure that water can flow freely.