The Real World by Andrew Tate

The Real World Andrew Tate

A former kickboxer with various business ventures, Tate has built a massive online community of young men who follow his advice on generating wealth and disrupting their lives. They listen to his podcasts, follow his YouTube channels and TikTok live streams, and buy his products, from books and t-shirts to private coaching sessions. Resour

In his videos, he preaches the importance of getting up early, hitting the gym, and building both your body and mind in order to achieve self-actualisation. He calls out sacred liberal values such as feminism, environmentalism, gluten intolerance, literature and Harry Styles with bellicose fury. He reaches across the English-speaking world, appealing to rural American pro-gun constituencies and anti-vaxx communities as well as schoolboys in Sydney and rideshare drivers in New York City.

Success Strategies from Andrew Tate’s Playbook

Tate’s message is about freedom. He references The Matrix, the sci-fi film wherein the protagonist is offered a blue pill that keeps him trapped in an artificial simulation living a meaningless life or a red pill that offers the opportunity to break free and experience reality. He says that his program, The Real World, will enable you to escape the matrix and become wealthy through strategies that the rich use to generate wealth.

TRW is hosted on its own portal that works much like Discord (which used to host HU). Tutors, called professors, teach students how to make money online usually in an area they excel at. They also teach them how to invest their income in order to create wealth.