CKO Kickboxing Gloves

kickboxing gloves

Whether you are just starting your CKO cardio kickboxing gloves journey or have been training for a while, it’s important to use gloves that fit well. The proper size gloves will help prevent injuries and make it easier for you to train hard. To find the perfect pair of gloves for you, measure around your dominant hand with a tape measure just below your knuckles (excluding your thumb). The ideal glove should allow for about an inch of space between your dominant finger and your wrist bone.

Starter gloves are bulky and provide ample protection for beginner punchers, but as you climb the cardio kickboxing ladder and advance beyond a novice, you might be seeking a little less bulk and more structure in your gloves. That’s where the Twins Special gloves come in. These gloves are a bit lighter than most starter gloves on this list, but they offer excellent padding in the areas you need it most.

The Complete Guide to Kickboxing Gloves: Finding the Perfect Fit and Protection

They have a “Tri-Korta 1 MOULD with Sponge X PADDING” system that provides superior hand protection and distributes impact force evenly on the hands. They are also made of high-quality leather for durability. The padded cuffs also ensure solid wrist support to protect you from injury. As a bonus, the Twins Special gloves are designed to be easy on your hands and reduce fatigue during intense workout sessions.