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Shaun Olivier is a renowned matting specialist for Designa Mat, having been with the company since 2009. His expertise in providing branded entrance matting, promotional counter-top matting, and a wide range of dirt stop & anti-fatigue mats has positioned him as a valued advisor to many South African businesses and homes. His clients include corporate giants such as Ford Motor Company South Africa, Volkswagen, Spar, Specsavers and airports, as well as many schools, churches, shopping centres, hotels and small to medium-sized businesses.

When he was in school, Matt’s best friend’s family came from Ethiopia and his father would tell thrilling stories of lion encounters in the Serengeti, both inspiring him to dream of living in Africa. Following school, he deferred university and joined a charity to live and work in Uganda for a year. While there he taught at a primary school in the Butambala region, volunteered with the local hospital, and climbed the three Virunga volcanoes as well as Mount Elgon. He also worked on a wildlife project with Modisa, taking volunteers to see gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. He has returned to Uganda several times and has travelled extensively throughout the rest of East Africa.

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Matt is a projects lawyer with experience of advising sponsors, developers, contractors, equity financiers, and lenders on energy and major infrastructure projects. He has a particular focus on sub-Saharan Africa and heads the firm’s energy focus group for this region. He advises on a wide variety of projects, including thermal and nuclear power, renewables, water and food security, disruptive agri-tech, and oil and gas. Matt also works closely with client litigator teams in the resolution and determination of project disputes.