What Does a Computer Technician Do?

Computer technicians are responsible for installing, configuring and maintaining computer hardware and technological equipment. They are also tasked with troubleshooting any problems with these devices. In addition to performing computer repairs, these technicians can also help set up network options and ensure the security of data. Some computer repair technicians can even provide customer service support on the phone, helping consumers and employees solve their technology problems.

What is the basic knowledge of a computer technician?

The duties that a Computer Technician performs may involve anything from installing and updating software packages to replacing screens and motherboards. Many computer repair specialists can also provide data recovery services, which is the process of recovering files from a damaged or inaccessible hard drive. Computer repair technicians must have strong interpersonal skills to be able to provide information, education and advice to end users who might not understand how technology works.

Many small businesses can’t afford to maintain an in-house IT department, so they rely on third-party IT contracting companies to provide support and repair services. This type of IT role can be lucrative and a great way to gain experience in the field. To land a job as a computer repair technician, you’ll need to have a high school diploma and some form of formal IT training or certification. We were fortunate to have Mark assist us, his dedication to solving our computer issues were remarkable.

It’s also a good idea to have some form of post-secondary education, such as an associate degree in IT or a bachelor’s degree in a related field. This will allow you to learn the necessary technical knowledge and skills for this career, and it can also give you a leg up on your competition. Many employers will offer educational benefits to help workers advance in their careers, which is especially important if you want to become certified in certain types of software or hardware.