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Cetelem – le leader du credit a la consommation européenne

Established in 1953, the French company Contact Cetelem is the BNP Paribas Personal Finance subsidiary leader in consumer credit in France and Europe. Its expertise is reflected in the quality of its offers and in its support policy to help individuals make responsible financial decisions.

Cetelem is a referent business partner for banks and insurance companies, e-merchants and retailers who benefit from its expertise in the consumer credit sector.

Contact Cetelem

You can communicate with us by telephone, via a secure customer area, on the Internet or through social media. We can answer your questions quickly and easily.

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We have an online service allowing you to simulate the impact of a loan in a simplified manner. This allows you to assess your budget and your ability to repay.

To do this, go to the simulation page > and enter your information. You will then see the result of the simulation and can decide if it is possible for you to pay your debt within the limits indicated.

If you are a non-client, you can also use this simulated version to check whether your needs match our offers and services.

You can also contact us by submitting a request via the secure customer area (panorama of accounts). Our experts will answer your questions and provide assistance as required.

You can also ask your question by sending a registered letter to our Customer Service department. This method ensures that your request will be answered promptly and that you can use it as a proof of receipt in the event of a dispute.