Feminine Health – A Guide for Understanding Your Unique Body

Feminine Health

Feminine Health: A Guide for Understanding Your Unique Body

Women’s bodies undergo a number of physiological changes throughout their lives. These changes can make women more susceptible to a range of diseases and conditions.

It’s important for women to Flower Power recognize these changes, know their risks and take charge of their healthcare through diet, exercise and screenings. A healthy lifestyle can lead to a long, happy life!

Facts About Vaginal Health

The vagina is self-cleaning, and it protects itself from infection with a special balance of healthy bacteria. The vagina’s pH also stays acidic to help guard against irritants and infection.

A good balance of bacterial flora can help prevent infections and improve your sex life. If the bacteria in your vagina become imbalanced, you might have a condition called vaginitis.

The Truth About Pelvic Floor Health

There are also some rare medical conditions that affect your vagina, like cysts and vaginal cancer. Other health problems can also affect your sex, including pain or difficulty inserting a tampon during sex and stress or relationship issues.

Using feminine hygiene products can mess with the vagina’s natural microbiome and make it less acidic, says gynecologist Susan Streicher, MD. It can also alter the balance of a woman’s hormones, making her feel uncomfortable or less confident during sex. Plus, some products are unsafe, causing burns or irritation to your vaginal tissues and skin. AZO Complete Feminine Balance Daily Probiotics are a good option for those looking for a way to naturally keep their vaginas at a proper pH.