Types of Caster Wheels

Caster Wheels

Caster Wheels

Caster wheels are a type of mobile cart that carries and moves items, usually heavy objects, from place to place. They are a great option for moving furniture, tools and boxes in any office or industrial setting. Go here https://www.castercity.com

The right type of caster wheels will depend on the location and application, so it’s important to be educated about what types are available. Knowing the appropriate caster wheel for your needs will help ensure that you can move items and equipment with ease and efficiency, improving productivity across your entire workspace.

Forged steel or cast iron caster wheels provide the highest load capacity, impact resistance, temperature range and rollability of all caster wheels. They are designed to handle high-stress environments and are the most suitable for harsh floor conditions such as warehouses or manufacturing plants where floor protection is not a priority.

How to Replace Caster Wheels on Your Office Chair

Synthetic tread materials such as solid elastomer, polypropylene or polyolefin, fiberglass reinforced polypropylene and phenolic are also a popular choice for applications that require high-impact strength and durability. They are less forgiving than softer tread materials, but they’re often quieter and can resist grease and other chemicals that may be present in the environment.

Ferrous caster wheels are made from gray iron castings, and their inverted angle iron track provides an excellent weight distribution for large loads. They are ideal for moving heavy or bulky objects in manufacturing plants, as they can support up to several tons each.