Benefits of Balayage Hair

If you want a natural looking colour finish, consider getting a balayage hair style. The technique is based on light and shade and is perfect for any hair colour. The best part is, you can choose how bold or subtle you want the finished look to be. Celebrities are already sporting this look thanks to the versatility it offers.

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A balayage hair style is easy on all types of hair, including curly and wavy hair. It also has less damage than double-processing since the colorist doesn’t use as much bleach. However, you must pay attention to the care and maintenance required, because it’s prone to fading and may require frequent toner applications. Moreover, balayage is easier on the hair because it does not retain heat in the foils.

When you choose a balayage hair color, you should choose a shade that compliments your skin tone. For instance, if you’re a brunette, you can choose a warm brown shade. Similarly, if you’re a blonde, you can choose a cooler shade like red.

Among the many benefits of balayage hair is that it mimics the natural process of lightening your hair. It also looks slightly unkempt, making it a popular choice among celebrities. But it is worth noting that this hairstyle is more commonly used on brunettes than blondes.

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